Frequently asked questions


Is a website right for me?

Well, of course we think so! However you may want a "second opinion". Web sites should not be thought of as another form of advertising. Sites compliment your business, sure they can be a revenue generator and advertise a product but a site isn't in the same "box" as a bill board. A web site gives customers and visitors information about you, your products and services and ads weight to what your business says and does.

Not all industries need a web presence. If you are a mail order business, a web site is a must! If you are a "mom and pop" restaurant splitting at the seams for lack of room. Hmmm... likely no site needed.

What do I have to do to get started?

This is easy... give us a call! Seriously we'd love to look at your business or personal needs and get you started. However here are some starting points to consider.

  1. Choose a domain name (i.e. if you can use your company name or trade in the domain name it will be an advantage when people search for you on the net.
  2. Think of what you need. A simple information site, a calendar, a photo gallery, a blog, emails or any other information you want to present on your site. This will help you understand what kind of site you need, what kind of services and hosting package will be suitable for you.
  3. Compile information... images, graphics, thumbnail sketches... anything that will be needed or useful on your website. We have lots of ideas if you need a "brainstorm" and you can always search the vast internet for ideas.

How much does it cost?

Likely, ninety percent of your web site cost will be design and creation of your site. Just like buying a car, once you purchase the machine... tires and maintenance is minimal! Using that analogy... creating your website is buying the car... hosting and maintenance are the monthly oil changes!

Can I do it myself?

Sure can! If you are a complete "do it yourselfer" we suggest you check on some webhosting services that have especially great do it yourself software and packages like, or These sites have great flexibility, ideas, tech support and a bunch of other stuff you will find useful... great prices too. Also you can create, design and market your own web site and just use our hosting service.

How does a website work?

Basically we don't know... you just plug that cord thing into that outlet, push the button and... just kidding. A web site is a folder of files, these files have important information about your site. Some files and info are public, some private and some just help things work better. Your site files are all the pages that link to each other and when someone types... "" they get to look at your pages (site).

Instead of all your pages (site) living in your computer, you are renting (hosting fee) space on some else's computer. Except their computer is about the size of a dump truck and has a much bigger pipe connecting it to the internet.

What about e-commerce?

Seriously? If you need it it's awesome and much simpler than it used to be, but not real simple because it will cost you more to get that set up on your site. There are many services that take care of online purchases and billing depending on your volume needs.

Why should I use your hosting service?

Another good question. We cater to small business and personal web site and site hosting needs. We work closely with our clients who may or may not need more personalized service and may not be familiar with how web sites function.  We offer web optimization and analytic services to clients and other occasional site growth suggestions. Our service is very personalized.

Who uses the internet?

The internet... not just for breakfast any more! Nor is it just for computer geeks and teenagers. Studies show an increasing number of older Americans are tapping into the web. More people are becoming "web aware" every day. High speed internet is becoming more available, which enables more people to rely on a quick web search for information and products they are looking for.

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