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Website design. What do you need?

button Small business site.

Ninety percent of your website cost will be creating the site. After that, occasional maintenance (if you require it) and monthly hosting fees are all that is needed to keep your website up and running. Webhosting4u2 offers a small business site package starting at $499 which includes FREE domain registration (1 year) and up to 10 pages for your site.

Studies show that web surfers are more interested in simple information more than dazzling graphics and fancy animations. However a professional impression on your website is still very important.  

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Of course you can always do more. Calendars, blogs, data bases, data base applications for starters, some businesses need these options. These items will add to the total cost of your website project but if you need these items, we can deliver.

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Graphics are a major consideration. Whether you have photos or graphics of your own, you download them or we contract for them, you will want to check out the many options. We have access to plenty of graphic ideas and suggestions too. 

Shopping carts are another item that will add to the over all project cost. We will look at some other aspects of shopping carts, like merchant accounts with your bank. How much volume you would expect, other payment options and what kind of merchandise you plan to sell. 

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Yep there is more! Customer login, more complex data management, dynamic site presentation, java script, php, mysql, heavy graphic work... the possibilities are endless. All this ads to the presentation and look of the site but most of our clients aren't on an open budget. Truthfully simple is usually better when it comes to getting a small business site up and running. Contact us with any questions about creating your website.