Web site promotion

Suggestions on how to promote your site

computer picture Desktop publishing and promotion

Lots of options here too. It could be as simple as printing some flyers with your new web address or flashy like renting a bill board. "Desktop publishing" is a quick, easy and inexpensive route. Any thing you can do to let people know you have a web site is important. Your business card your advertising efforts, anything with your business on it should include your web address.

graphics picture Graphics

Wouldn't you know we also provide graphics for your store front window. Price is $50 shipped to your address for most domain names. This kit is 3" vinyl letters of your web address and comes with installation instructions. Or we will install your kit for a small fee  (i.e. www.yourcompanyname.com)  if you are a local business (central west IL).

ad picture Advertising

As mentioned before, any advertising effort you do should have your web address attached. People may not remember the exact address but they will remember you have an address. Many of your customers will be internet savvy enough to find you by searching the net.